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Arab inventor makes communication without Internet a reality

Arab inventor makes communication without Internet a reality

Monday, 01 May 2017

•FreeCom was developed to help Syrian refugees in Europe to connect back home, Founder Abdul Rahman Al Ashraf tells AMF delegates

Communication without the Internet is becoming a reality, thanks to an Arab inventor and entrepreneur.

Abdul Rahman Al Ashraf, who developed FreeCom, a communication application that could connect anyone almost anywhere in the world - without the Internet, spoke of his amazing and inspiring achievement at the 16th Arab Media Forum in Dubai.

Abdul Rahman has been helping fellow Syrians flee the civil war to Europe by volunteering and launching non-government social organisations to help compatriots settle down.

He gradually developed the technology application that could transmit sound and help track people in troubled regions and help them get noticed and connected.

“I started this application purely out of a social need – to help Syrian refugees in Europe communicate with their relatives back home,” said Abdul Rahman.

“It was aimed primarily to support the new refugees fleeing in to Europe. Initially, it used to transmit sound signals to communicate and track people. However, gradually, we have developed it into a better product.”

Smart Device
The product now helps any computer, laptop, mobile phone transmit data without Internet and turns the device into a smart device, without Internet.

“We are now planning to develop this further with wider applications so that civic bodies could automate their services and deliver them to people without the use of the Internet,” he says.  “However, the project needs funding and with a bit of support, we can deliver wonders.”

Abdul Rahman Al Ashraf was adjudged the Best Innovator and was conferred the European Youth Digital Champion Award in 2016.

If he has his way in what he wants to achieve, Abdul Rahman Al Ashraf, a Syrian immigrant in Europe might revolutionise global communication system and bring more people in the world under a strong communication platform, without the Internet.

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