Friday, 22 June 2018
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11th Arab Media Forum 2012 speakers

Abdul Wahab Badrakhan

Abdul Wahab Badrakhan

Writer & Political Analyst

Badrakhan writes every week in London's 'Al Hayat', Abu Dhabi's 'Al Ittihad', Beirut's 'Annahar' and Doha's 'A Sharq'. He has two degrees in Information & History from the Lebanese University, and an MA in Science de l'information from Paris’s Sorbonne University. Badrakhan was a journalist in 'Annahar' (Beirut) until 1979, in 'Annahar Arabic & international' magazine (Paris) up to 1989, in 'Al Hayat' (London) as managing editor then deputy editor in chief until 2006.

He is now a free-lance journalist and has a daily political analysis program on radio 'Monte Carlo Doualiya '.


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